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What kind of material is used in our Neon LED Signs? Can they Break?

Our neon signs consist of majorly two elements
We use best in industry acrylic as backing of the Neon Signs,
which makes our Neon Signs unbreakable We use finest PVC NEON flex in our production which generates no heat and it's highly energy efficient.

What's the turn around time for our Neon Signs

The typical delivery time for a order to reach your doorstep is 2 weeks. Our Neon Signs are handcrafted with utmost care and love.

Does Neon Sign require any further Maintenance

Nope, our Neon Signs will shine bright without any maintenance and extra care.

Do we ship worldwide ?

Yes, we ship to every corner of the world. Just opt your design and leave everything on us.

Do you have to pay extra for the transformer?

Not at all. Let us take care of it. We send 12V transformer along with our signs

What is the Lifepan of Neon Signs?

Neon Signs usually lasts for 25000 hours equivalent to 10 years.

Are Neon Lights safe to touch?

Absolutely Yes, our Neon Signs are extremely environment and user friendly. Because of 12V transformer, it do not generates heat even after hours of functioning.

Does it come with any warranty?

Our Neon Signs comes with 1 year warranty on materials and handcrafting. However shipping cost will be paid by you if situation of replacement arises. Our warranty does not cover any physical damage or any damage which is result of incorrect installation.